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Philadelphia Flyers vs. Anaheim Ducks - 1/4/21

The Ducks play at the Honda Center in Anaheim, less than three miles from Disneyland. It is a very nice stadium, with wide concourses and substantially more food choices than Arena. Again I began on the upper level, and again it was only about half full. Therefore, again I moved down to the lower level to a seat between the blue line and center ice.

The home team, the Anaheim Ducks, dominated the game, winning 4-1. The last goal was an empty netter, giving Troy Terry a hat trick. That was the first hat trick I had seen in person. There were actually dozens of hats thrown onto the ice when that occurred

My one overriding thought was how different hockey and basketball are from a racial perspective. There very few, if any, black players in the game. In the Clippers game the night before, the first white player did not enter the game until the fourth quarter. The crowds were the same; virtually no blacks attending the hockey game, with more black attendees at the Clippers game.

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