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And so it begins...

I am ready to begin attending sporting events, beginning with the Rose Bowl. I have driven nearly 1,400 miles to get to California, with over 1, 000 of those miles being today. Fortunately, the travel was uneventful. I am poised to attend the Tournament of Roses Parade, followed by the Rose Bowl game. I am staying about 30 miles away, but the hotel is filled with a lot of very excited Utah Utes. They are really pumped.

I thought the biggest challenge was going to be the travel, or the weather. It turns out that it is my complete lack of understanding of Technology ology, and how to download the tickets and add them to the Wallet on my phone. I finally figured out I have to go through two different websites, click a button to get a code, and then pray that my spam filter allows the code to go through to my email. After a great deal of frustration, I have gotten the tickets for tomorrow, and I have the majority of my tickets for the first leg of my trip downloaded to my Wallet, so I guess I am ready to get started.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Since 2021 ended so poorly, with celebrity deaths and Covid at its peak, 2022 just has to be better, doesn't it?

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